About Blackbird Bend Casino

The roots of Blackbird Bend Casino date back to July 1992 when the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and Iowa opened CasinOmaha on the current casino site near Onawa, Iowa. After several years of operation, the casino was remodeled and restructured in 2009 and in October 2010 a new CasinOmaha re-opened its doors.

Flooding of historic proportions in the Missouri River valley forced the temporary closing of CasinOmaha and its speedway in June 2011. Although a ten-foot berm around the main casino building held floodwaters at bay, the casino property was an island for months.

The casino re-opened in January 2013 as Blackbird Bend Casino, a smaller, temporary casino in the portion of the former CasinOmaha building while construction of a modern new facility was underway next door. The all-new Blackbird Bend Casino was completed and opened in February 2014.

Chartered in 2009, the Blackbird Bend Corporation is the independent entity that manages the gaming enterprises of the Omaha Tribe -- Blackbird Bend Casino near Onawa, Iowa, and Lucky 77 in Walthill, Nebraska. The corporation operates under the oversight of an independent, three-member board of directors that must meet certain requirements pertaining to education, business background, and gaming experience. Current board members are: Taylor Keen, Chairperson; Denine Morris, Treasurer; and Pri Morris, Secretary.

The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and Iowa warmly welcomes you to Blackbird Bend Casino! Enjoy. Learn more about the Omaha Tribe.